Charged with a crime in Bartlett?


Don’t step into Bartlett Municipal Court without proper legal representation.


A criminal charge in Bartlett is no laughing matter. The court, clerks, and probation officers are more strict in regards to court process and the supposed letter of the law. For example, while driving on a suspended license isn’t a big deal in Memphis, in Bartlett, if you fail to get your driver’s license reinstated it could mean a minimum of 45 days in jail. Moreover, the prosecutors don’t like to negotiate and the judges don’t like to see cases get dismissed. All Bartlett cases have to be fought tooth and nail. Even the defense attorneys are treated with a mild neglect by not being allowed to cross “the bar.” As attorneys and court officers, we can say Bartlett is one of the most trying jurisdictions to deal with. Don’t get into this serious of a fight without having an attorney by your side.

Bartlett Criminal Attorney

Facing a charge in Bartlett? Hire a Bartlett criminal lawyer and fight back.

Anyone charged with a crime in Bartlett, Tennessee, needs help from a Bartlett criminal defense attorney with a proven track record of successfully guiding clients through the Bartlett Municipal Court process. Our Bartlett attorneys thoroughly investigate each and every criminal case so we can vigorously defend your rights. Don’t risk your freedom and hard earned money with an attorney unfamiliar with the Bartlett court process. A Bartlett criminal conviction can destroy your future. If you’re charged with a crime in Bartlett, Tennessee, you need an experienced Bartlett attorney to protect your rights.


Bartlett attorney Mitchell Wood understands that good people make mistakes, and he offers sound advice with an aggressive defense to anyone in need. He is committed to communicating candidly and clearly with clients and bringing each case to its best possible outcome. If you were arrested and charged with a crime, do not plead guilty, and do not try to act as your own attorney.


Bartlett attorney Mitchell Wood has represented hundreds of defendants facing criminal charges in Bartlett, Tennessee. If you're charged with driving under the influence, domestic assault, theft, robbery, a drug charge, or a gun charge in Bartlett, Tennessee, contact the Bartlett criminal defense attorneys at Balestrini, Barnes, Jaber & Wood, PLLC.

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