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Trust your criminal appeal to our law firm. Unlike most “trial practitioners” we take great pride in researching and writing appellate briefs. Like Sherlock Holmes or another great detective, we’ll piece together the facts and circumstances that led to your conviction and examine whether there was a mistake or whether the evidence doesn't support the outcome. When you're facing years of your life behind bars don’t skimp on a court appointed appellate lawyer. You’ll want to hire an appellate lawyer that will work hard and fast for you.

Criminal Appeal

Convicted of a crime? Want an appeal? Our law firm has extensive experience at arguing and winning appeals.

The criminal justice system affords anyone convicted of a crime the opportunity to appeal the decision or any of the elements in their criminal case. Tennessee state court appeals are an essential part of the criminal justice system and solidifies the rights of defendants by ensuring the "opportunity at justice" is rightfully obtained. Although specific appealable issues vary case to case, a convict wishing to file an appeal must do so within14 days of a federal case and within 10 days after judgment in Tennessee state court. Given the elevated stakes and the fact that appeals involve different legal procedures, securing an experienced appellate attorney should be your number one priority.


There is no denying that criminal appeals are matters of grave importance. As such, you should take every reasonable measure to protect yourself and your rights by enlisting the assistance of an appellate attorney. At Balestrini, Barnes, Jaber & Wood, PLLC we’ve handled a number criminal appeals in Tennessee courts. You can be confident that our appellate attorneys have the experience and insight needed to navigate the appeals process and secure your best opportunity at redress.


If you believe that errors were committed in your case and negatively impacted the outcome, you have the right to file an appeal in the State of Tennessee. Through the appeal, you’ll have the opportunity to state your claim, the errors committed and provide any supporting evidence and arguments that highlight mistakes or introduce new elements to your case. The appellate court will review all information from your initial case and consider all issues that were properly raised during your appeal to either overturn a judgment, amend a sentence or penalties, or uphold a decision.


Convicts can file an appeal with the appellate court for various reasons:


• Ineffective counsel at trial

• The discovery of new evidence

• Evidence was improperly admitted or withheld

• Excessive sentencing or penalties

• Jury misconduct or other issues involving jury members

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