Robbery charge?


Robbery is a serious felony with serious consequences.


Unfortunately, in Memphis, for many young adults robbery is a way of life, almost like a profession. The fact is many youths are pressured to commit robberies due to gang affiliations. They grow up in tough environments and deal with the horrors of gang-life on a daily basis. A robbery charge is very serious and has severe consequences; coupled with the charge of aggravated kidnapping and you could be facing many years in prison. Don’t go into a fight this serious without excellent legal representation. Our law firm can help you with your robbery charge.


A robbery charge can ruin your life. It’s imperative you hire the right lawyer to fight against a conviction.

It's well known that a robbery conviction can have devastating consequences. Not only will a robbery conviction result in likely jail time in the short term due to strict sentencing laws, but a robbery conviction will follow you for the rest of your life in the form of a criminal conviction that is public record. If you're facing a robbery charge in Memphis our law firm can help.


Although you may have been charged with a serious felony, this does not necessarily mean that you will be convicted. One of the ways to put yourself in a good position regarding a possible reduction of your sentence or an outright dismissal is to hire a competent lawyer who has the legal knowledge necessary to win your case. Considering the prosecutor is required to prove you committed every element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt, a competent criminal defense attorney will provide you with a better chance of walking away with your freedom fully intact.


• Robbery is defined as the intentional or knowing theft of property from the person of another by violence or putting the person in fear. Robbery is a Class C felony. Robbery, or "strong arm" robbery is generally achieved without a weapon of any kind.


• Aggravated robbery is accomplished with a deadly weapon or by display of any article used or fashioned to lead the victim to reasonably believe it to be a deadly weapon; or where the victim suffers serious bodily injury. Aggravated robbery is a Class B felony. Aggravated robbery most often involves the use of a gun or knife and can usually be accomplished just by brandishing the weapon at the victim.


• Especially aggravated robbery is accomplished with a deadly weapon; and the victim suffers serious bodily injury. Especially aggravated robbery is a Class A felony. Especially aggravated robbery most often involves a robbery executed with a weapon and the victim is injured or maimed.


• Carjacking is the intentional or knowing taking of a motor vehicle from the possession of another by use of a deadly weapon; or force or intimidation. Carjacking is a Class B felony. Carjacking is essentially a theft of a motor vehicle with the owner present, whether or not a weapon is used.

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